About Me

Hi! I’m Faith.

I am bisexual demigirl whose entire life has turned upside down more times than she/they cares to say. These are my thoughts, my recipes, and my journey.

I write poetry, nonfiction, and fiction for people who love to read, learn more about the world and about themselves, and seek inspiration and escape. I give them some tools to help them feel happier, gain a better understanding of the world, and pursue their dreams.

If I’m not found at my computer attempting to write or sitting in the shape of a pretzel while reading, I can usually be found next to my husband while making art or cooking.

I often write about my experiences with anxiety—and overcoming it, creative writing, poetry, my travels, books I’ve read, and things that inspire me. These may include various languages, research topics, writing prompts, details about food and daily life, and my philosophical musings. I also post the occasional photo, artwork, and video.

So, lean back and please enjoy my mental breakdowns, excuse my excitement, and commentate on my supposed state of being. Farewell, and good luck.


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