What I Miss about Being a Tour Guide

Back nearly eight years, I was a tour guide and shop assistant for a couple show caves in Arkansas for the summer break. It’s still one of the jobs that I look back on most fondly, despite my boss disliking me and telling me I’m going to hell for liking Harry Potter. There were so … Continue reading What I Miss about Being a Tour Guide


Poem: A Date

A Date Sitting here with a warm drink in my hands and with you sitting across the table the air seems to freeze, pausing all time’s sands. The sound of a tune we love from that band, drifting through our ears and minds as able. Sitting here with a warm drink in my hands, we … Continue reading Poem: A Date

Words of Writing Wisdom

Books, tweets, blogs, rock carvings, panels, lectures, and interviews over the centuries have provided all us lovely and mystical creatures known as writers heaps of wonderful contradicting advice. This is a collection of my favourite bits of writing knowledge.* *These are solely from my time as part of the Twitter writing community thus far. “Slow … Continue reading Words of Writing Wisdom