Airport Carpet

Airport Carpet Green, blue, and cream swirls and angles swarm around my toes and feet as new winds try to sweep me away, grasping at my hands, my hair, my mind, my feet. The whimsy and wonder of air in my lungs, around my soul, bring a smile to my face that can’t be contained … Continue reading Airport Carpet


Five Places I Want to Visit

I’m definitely a contradiction. One of the most baffling types. I itch for two conflicting things constantly, and I can never tell which I want more. I am a homebody, but I’m also a traveler. There are so many things that I adore about both. Like the soft, yet cutting feeling of blades of grass … Continue reading Five Places I Want to Visit

La première semaine

My travel experiences have always been a little bizarre or planned last minute. I can't say I like it, but it certainly keeps life interesting. When I found out my itinerary just one and a half weeks before coming to France, my nerves were wrecked. All the unexpected changes on flight day didn't help. But … Continue reading La première semaine