The 100 Truths Blogger Tag

Vicarious Bookworm did this tag in January and tagged anyone and everyone. I thought I might give it a go. I tag Word Storm, A Tea with Tumnus, and Olivia’s Catastrophe. As a warning, I did answer these questions a while ago and schedule the post, so some are definitely different now...but hey, what's it … Continue reading The 100 Truths Blogger Tag



Turner and I were on a strict no-spending “budget” from after the holidays in 2017 through the first couple months after our move. We had to save up for our move and hen ensure that we didn’t spend all our savings before we both found steady incomes. So aside from our bills and groceries, we … Continue reading Budgeting

Learning to Love My Body

“What’s wrong with your arm?!” -multiple people asking about my left elbow, which is wonky because of breaking it when I was three. “You’re pretty, but you look Ethiopian because you’re so skinny.” -my high school band director, who loved to comment on students’ appearances and make racist comments. “I would love to have that … Continue reading Learning to Love My Body

The Problems with Being Overly Ambitious

Writing a book and some short stories, baking, painting, sketching, reading, blogging, creating videos, making song covers, and writing music. I want to be creative constantly. I want to be creative in nearly every way possible. Combine that desire with my severe over-planning, and I become horribly overly ambitious. Over the years, I’ve gone through … Continue reading The Problems with Being Overly Ambitious

My Problem with The Lunar Chronicles

This blog contains spoilers!! So if you haven’t read the entire series and don’t want anything ruined, you might not want to read ahead. I will mark the actual spoilers. There are so many fairytale retellings in existence. And I believe The Lunar Chronicles does an amazing job at combining the stories of Cinderella, Snow … Continue reading My Problem with The Lunar Chronicles