Anxiety and Preparing for the Holidays

Little reindeer hiding among the green branches and twinkling lights concealing chocolate kisses in their mouths. Sitting on the floor whilst listening to my Grandpatta read. Buying or making gifts for friends and family. Snow lightly covering the ground, though never on the right days. I grew up celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. I … Continue reading Anxiety and Preparing for the Holidays

Meal Planning

We love variety in food and I adore creating new recipes, as you can see from my baking challenge, faithbakes65. We both enjoy having different meals every day of the week and trying new things. As a result of these desires, grocery shopping can become quite expense and frustrating if we don’t plan ahead of … Continue reading Meal Planning

Anxiety and Finding Happiness

One of the biggest struggles for me that comes with/from my anxiety is the crippling feeling (and often belief) that I don’t deserve to be happy. The worst parts of this feeling are that I feel guilty when experiencing happiness while being aware of others’ struggles, that I sense that something is horribly wrong with … Continue reading Anxiety and Finding Happiness

Words of Writing Wisdom

Books, tweets, blogs, rock carvings, panels, lectures, and interviews over the centuries have provided all us lovely and mystical creatures known as writers heaps of wonderful contradicting advice. This is a collection of my favourite bits of writing knowledge.* *These are solely from my time as part of the Twitter writing community thus far. “Slow … Continue reading Words of Writing Wisdom