Poem: Desire

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Poem: A Date

A Date Sitting here with a warm drink in my hands and with you sitting across the table the air seems to freeze, pausing all time’s sands. The sound of a tune we love from that band, drifting through our ears and minds as able. Sitting here with a warm drink in my hands, we … Continue reading Poem: A Date

Learning to Love My Body

“What’s wrong with your arm?!” -multiple people asking about my left elbow, which is wonky because of breaking it when I was three. “You’re pretty, but you look Ethiopian because you’re so skinny.” -my high school band director, who loved to comment on students’ appearances and make racist comments. “I would love to have that … Continue reading Learning to Love My Body

The Problems with Being Overly Ambitious

Writing a book and some short stories, baking, painting, sketching, reading, blogging, creating videos, making song covers, and writing music. I want to be creative constantly. I want to be creative in nearly every way possible. Combine that desire with my severe over-planning, and I become horribly overly ambitious. Over the years, I’ve gone through … Continue reading The Problems with Being Overly Ambitious