The 100 Truths Blogger Tag

Vicarious Bookworm did this tag in January and tagged anyone and everyone. I thought I might give it a go. I tag Word Storm, A Tea with Tumnus, and Olivia’s Catastrophe. As a warning, I did answer these questions a while ago and schedule the post, so some are definitely different now...but hey, what's it … Continue reading The 100 Truths Blogger Tag


Meal Planning

We love variety in food and I adore creating new recipes, as you can see from my baking challenge, faithbakes65. We both enjoy having different meals every day of the week and trying new things. As a result of these desires, grocery shopping can become quite expense and frustrating if we don’t plan ahead of … Continue reading Meal Planning

The Problems with Being Overly Ambitious

Writing a book and some short stories, baking, painting, sketching, reading, blogging, creating videos, making song covers, and writing music. I want to be creative constantly. I want to be creative in nearly every way possible. Combine that desire with my severe over-planning, and I become horribly overly ambitious. Over the years, I’ve gone through … Continue reading The Problems with Being Overly Ambitious