May Bakes

Bread: CiabattaI had heard so many stories about ciabatta dough and the difficulty that comes with making it. From friends attempting to make it to the technical challenge on GGBO based off of Paul Hollywood’s recipe, which is the one I used. It’s a very wet and difficult to handle dough and needs a very … Continue reading May Bakes


My Current WIP

For those of you who don't know, a WIP is a writer or artists current work in progress. As a blogger, vlogger, and writer, I always have multiple WIPs. In the instance, I'm discussing my novel. Earlier in my writing journey, I focused on writing poetry inspired by the events I experienced first-hand and my … Continue reading My Current WIP

Writing and Descriptive Words

I’ve heard every author I know and follow complain about finding the right words to use, especially when creating descriptions of settings, characters, and movement. It’s also one of my biggest writing struggles for every project. I’ve started realising that it’s better for me to worry about it during revisions than in the moment. I … Continue reading Writing and Descriptive Words

Writing Distinct Voices

I have fallen in love with so many characters over the years. Their voices are haunting, hopeful, sassy, sarcastic, kind, sensitive, and peaceful. They are each unique combinations of emotions, background, interests, and learning. Whether their voices come out only when they speak or when the story is told from their perspective, their history, personality, … Continue reading Writing Distinct Voices