This poem is still a bit of a work in progress and will be a part of a presentation I'm doing at a local artist event in a few weeks. As you might have noticed, I'm a baker. But I've only been baking the last couple of years. I used to be envious of though … Continue reading Butter


Coming Back from Hiatus

I knew I would have a summer full of packing boxes, moving across the country, catching up with loved ones, house hunting and job searching. But I didn’t expect it to lead to a hiatus lasting longer than a month. Three months later, the only things I’ve written are baking blogs that I’ve posted later … Continue reading Coming Back from Hiatus

Writing and Descriptive Words

I’ve heard every author I know and follow complain about finding the right words to use, especially when creating descriptions of settings, characters, and movement. It’s also one of my biggest writing struggles for every project. I’ve started realising that it’s better for me to worry about it during revisions than in the moment. I … Continue reading Writing and Descriptive Words