August Bakes

I’m a bit behind with the baking blogs…
But I’m not behind on the challenge!
Life at ours has been quite interesting and exciting, but not in the way one would hope. After not knowing if it was safe to plug in our computers and not having internet for a month and a half, we can finally get back to it! Though I did still put writing and all off for another couple of weeks.
August was a very successful and delicious challenge month. Even if some of the fun was drowned out by lack of sleep before a fun trip to the lake. The treats were thoroughly enjoyed though!

Pudding: Mini Victoria Sponge

This was such a fun bake! I used Mary Berry’s recipe, but I did a half batch. I made two, and we shared them with Turner’s parents. I didn’t have any lining paste made yet, so I buttered the ramekins and then dusted them with flour. They came out rather well, thankfully.

My only complaint was that I used just a touch too much baking powder for the two tiny cakes, and they ended up just a touch salty in flavour. In everything else, I loved the very simple taste of raspberry jam with vanilla sponge. I do think I would’ve liked it a touch more with some whipped cream, but I still really enjoyed it.

Bread: Baguette

I loved this! I used this recipe. The only things I changed was how many loaves I was making and how long I was making the loaves, as I only have two half-sized baking sheets. I was sad that I couldn’t use a proper sourdough baguette recipe, but I had to work with what I had. The quick yeast recipe still turned out well, though, and had a short time to ferment. I also don’t have a lame and used a dull paring knife to score the loaves, which took out some of the air pockets that had developed.

Golly, have I missed this flavour!! Fresh baguette from Aux Délices or Boulangerie Emilie et Nicolas in Merville-Franceville-Plage early on Sunday mornings for our sandwiches. This wasn’t exactly the same, but it sure did come close! I couldn’t have been happier with the result beyond wishing I had a more airy structure. But it turned out so well for my first try.

Pastry: Tarte au Citron

This bake scared me, as I hadn’t made a properly set custard in quite a long time. So the idea of making a custard for a prefect French tart was terrifying to me. But this recipe was detailed enough that it seemed to take all the stress away. But then I had to worry about my sleep-deprived brain and shaky hands. I don’t know how, but I ended up not having any major struggles. I ended up using a cheesecloth to strain the custard instead of a fine mesh sieve. But other than making my hands a bit messy, it worked rather well.

I was also scared that I would burn the crust really badly, but it only slightly browned. I was terrified that I would end up with a curdled or unset custard, but it came out so smooth and pretty! And the flavour was just as I remembered having whilst in France. Well, minus the slightly browned crust and the lack of “citron” piped in tempered chocolate anyway.

Cake: Toscakaka

This Swedish treat was one of the most delicious desserts I’ve had in a long time. I made it from this recipe, and absolutely adored it. I wasn’t entirely sure how to handle everything as a whole, but I’d made a praline and several types of sponge before, so I was pretty sure I could do it. But my exhaustion at this point was pretty severe after cooking all day as a personal chef and having finished baking the Tarte au Citron only minutes before.

I finished the praline a little earlier than I was supposed to, so it had thickened a bit by the time I poured it over the cake. That made it difficult to spread evenly and take a bit longer in the oven to melt and bubble like described in the recipe. I had to sit on the floor, staring into the oven after putting it back in covered with caramel and almonds, to ensure that it wouldn’t burn. It turned out beyond my expectations in deliciousness, and they were high to begin with.

Have you ever tried any of these before? Let me know in the comments!

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