June Bakes

June was a busy month, filled with work, vacation, and moving. We also discovered at the end of the month that our oven was broken again. This time it wasn’t heating up enough. So I grabbed out handy oven thermometer and put it to use during the last bake. Nevertheless, even the undercooked bakes turned out delicious.

Bread: Roasted Garlic and Herb Bread

I used to make a lot of bread, and garlic and herb bread was one of my favourites. However, I had never done roasted garlic for it before. I used this recipe as the base again. It never fails unless my oven goes wonky or my added ingredients are too wet or too dry. The biggest issue I dealt with during this bake was that it was taking nearly twice as long to bake all the way through as it should have. This was because of the oven, but we didn’t discover that for a few more weeks.

I added a mixture of the dried herbs I had in the pantry and some home-roasted garlic. It definitely would’ve been better with fresh herbs, but the dried ones rehydrate slightly during the proving times. I made the roasted garlic in the oven, and it ended up burnt because I forgot to set a timer. It didn’t really affect the flavour of the loaves negatively though, as it lent a slightly smokey flavour to it which Turner and I rather liked.

Pastry: Koeksister

This South African treat tasted amazing, even with dough that didn’t turn out quite right. I used this recipe. I think my flour proportions were just a little off because my pastry dough ended up a good deal more dry than it was supposed to, but as I needed to hurry, I went with what I had. The syrup, on the other hand, was absolutely scrummy and was easily made.

I learned that braiding this for frying is a good deal more difficult than for baking. The vast majority of the koeksister I made came unraveled and fell apart whilst in the oil. I also discovered yet again how bad I am at frying things. I definitely prefer using an oven. Granted, that wasn’t going well either.

Cake: Palsternackskaka

This recipe was so much fun to make! But I had several issues. We were moving in a few days, so we were doing our best to empty our pantry/fridge. As a result, I had to use a combination of coconut oil, olive oil, and vegetable oil, and I forgot that coconut oil tends to only be half portions when baking, so I ended up with too much oil in the batter. I also had some difficulties with translating the recipe, but I think I had everything figured out for that in the end. Our oven was even more broken than it had been when I made the bread at the beginning of the month. I baked it for twice as long as I was supposed to because after the first 50 minutes of baking, it still looked like I had just mixed the batter and poured it in the tin. I thought I had just forgotten to turn on the oven, but found evidence that I had it on the whole time. I also forgot to whip the cream separately from the cream cheese part of the frosting.

Because of all these things, this tasty Swedish treat turned out soaked in oil, weirdly crispy on the outside edges, collapsed in the center, and drowned in a kind of grainy and rather liquidy frosting. I was frustrated and a little heartbroken since it was the third “failed” bake of the month. But when we tasted it, we were astounded at the beautiful flavour of the parsnip and cardamom in the cake and the lemon zest in the frosting. The pistachios on top were just a nice little treat of subtle flavour and fun crunchy texture.

Cookie: Sugar Cookies

I made these the same day as the Palsternackskaka and finally realised that my oven was super messed up. So I fiddled with the temperatures and my oven thermometer until the correct temperature was reached before I even started this bake. I followed this wonderfully simple and tasty recipe. It was so nice to have such a simple bake after the first three bakes of the month went so awry. Not to mention that essentially all of my kitchen was packed up at this point, as was the majority of mine and Turner’s life together.

I had no issues with this bake. My only complaint was that we didn’t have anyone to share them with really, and we already had so many sweets that we needed to eat. Several of the cookies ended up going stale because of traveling for a week as Turner and his dad road tripped with our belongings from Washington to Missouri. But the half that I took with me ended up shared with Turner’s mum and at the airport with a wonderful Indian woman who was on the same flight as me. I definitely recommend this simple, fluffy sugar cookie recipe, especially with how easily it can be made vegan.

What did you bake in June? Let me know in the comments!

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