April Bakes

I keep having strange and really challenging months, mostly because of physical injuries and anxiety flare-ups. This month, I strained my shoulder, and it majorly affected my capabilities and time. However, I am proud of everything I produced during my baking, especially the the ones in this #faithbakes65 challenge. I also managed to bake many more things this month, and we started the transition to vegetarian cooking at home! Turner and I are still going to eat fish and seafood on occasion whilst out at restaurants, but we are making sure those are sustainable choices. But that’s another story. On to the baking!
Pastry: QuicheThis was delicious and became our dinner for one night and two other lunches. We liked it so much that we didn’t share it. Haha!
I followed this recipe for the crust and this one for the base of the quiche. I did change the filling though.I finally learned how to make a proper pie crust! It was light and fluffy and buttery. I hope I remember all that I learned from this bake and the previous trial and error of others.
I used bell peppers, grape tomatoes, and feta for the filling. It was simple and scrumptious. Turner and I have been thinking that we might make this more often for dinner, but we’ll see.
Cake: EntremetsNote only was this a challenging bake, but I strained my shoulder just before starting it. My entremets consisted of shortbread, vanilla cake, raspberry jellies, dark chocolate mousse, and white chocolate glaze. Each component came with it’s own issues—mainly in shaping, especially with barely being able to move my right arm. Thankfully, Turner came to my rescue several times and helped throughout the entire week-long process. He also taste-tested my recipes for the jellies and mousse, which I don’t want to share because they aren’t quite right yet.I didn’t like how dry the shortbread dough was, especially since it made the dough difficult to roll out and the cookies much more fragile. It did have a great flavour though. The glaze wasn’t what I wanted at all. It was too thin and didn’t harden, so the entremets didn’t have the last layer that I had hoped for. However, it all still tasted wonderful, especially when combined.
Cookies: Grapefruit CookiesThese were my favourite thing to bake from this month’s challenge. I used this sugar cookie recipe, made a thin buttercream icing from memory, and added the zest from two grapefruits to them. I added ¾ of the zest to the cookie dough and ¼ to the icing.The icing solidified after about 10 minutes or so, but stayed nice and soft. The cookies were wonderfully fluffy. The flavour of it all was just right. Not too sweet and not too bitter or tangy.
Pudding: SouffléThis was so much easier than I expected, and I had fun making it. I followed this recipe and added my own little twist to make it sweet and savoury. I want try making a vegan version soon because I liked them so much. I didn’t expect them to deflate so quickly, but I was so happy that they hadn’t fallen! They shrunk about an inch and a half in ten minutes as I was preparing for taking the photos.I added nutmeg, cinnamon, and allspice to the batter. Just enough to scent it really. Then when preparing the ramekins, I not only buttered the sides, but also dusted them with sugar and cocoa powder. I also dusted the tops of the soufflés in the same way before baking them. My only gripe was that I left a little too much salt in, though a few others liked it that way.

What have you baked recently? Have you ever tried any of these?

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