Meal Planning

We love variety in food and I adore creating new recipes, as you can see from my baking challenge, faithbakes65. We both enjoy having different meals every day of the week and trying new things. As a result of these desires, grocery shopping can become quite expense and frustrating if we don’t plan ahead of time. So Turner and I started meal planning as a way to keep planning as a way to keep variety in our meals, to use all of the ingredients we purchase, and control our spending a bit more.

We began about a year ago with an app called Mealime. It’s incredible, and we still use it on occasion, though mostly for our shopping list. The app provides you with a wide variety of recipes based on your preferences and dietary restrictions, gives you options for different sizes of recipes, and prepares the shopping list for you. We found it helpful and the recipes delicious. However, our budget is rather small and we can’t afford our favourite recipes from their selection or we are lacking some of the kitchen supplies that are necessary.

Because of all of that, we tend to meal plan without the app.
How we meal plan:

  • Breakfasts
    • We primarily eat eggs and toast in varying forms. Sometimes we have tiny bits of leftover produce that we toss in for variety.
    • We occasionally make pancakes.
    • We eat our leftovers for breakfast more than any other meals when we have them.
    • We tend to get two 18 packs of eggs each week.
  • Lunches
    • We see what days we work and what days we are traveling. Then we plan the easiest meals for those days.
    • We choose a few go-to meals, such as beans and rice, hummus sandwiches, and broccoli pasta.
    • We tend to stick with easy and fast prep meals since we often make our lunches before heading out in the morning.
  • Dinners
    • We usually have the most variety here.
    • We usually eat some sort of ramen soup or stir fry on Thursdays because we work later and are often ready to just relax after getting home.
    • We have a large variety of soups, curries, pasties, roasted veggies, salads, potatoes, and other things in a wide array of flavours and styles.

We try to keep our monthly grocery spending at or below $340, which affects our meal planning, especially if we have guests coming over or are planning a fancier meal. However, we also buy things like rice, ramen, rice, snacks, and oils in bulk at the beginning of each month to help save money. This can also affect what we eat more or less of towards the end of the month as our cabinet starts to empty.

Here are a couple examples of our Christmas week meal plan and another week:

Christmas week:

Breakfasts: Eggs, toast, juice.

Lunches: 1. Trout with roasted potatoes and mashed peas. (Christmas Day)

  1. Beans and rice.
  2. Baked potatoes with pinto beans and cheese topped with yoghurt.
  3. Roasted pepper pasta with alfredo sauce.
  4. Broccoli pasta with alfredo sauce.
  5. Veggie fried with rice.
  6. Spinach and mushroom pasta with a creamy sauce.

Dinners: 1. Ramen soup.

  1. Ramen stir fry.
  2. Eat out. (Christmas Eve in Leavenworth)
    4. Waffles with caramelised pear.
  3. Roasted chickpeas with bread stuffing. (Christmas Day)
  4. Black bean soup.
  5. Roasted peppers and onion with a cream sauce and rice.

    Random week:

Breakfasts: Eggs, toast, juice, leftovers.

Lunches: 1. Black bean hummus with veggies.

  1. Beans and rice.
  2. Lemon and tuna pasta.
  3. Egg salad sandwiches and popcorn.
  4. Mushroom pasta with alfredo sauce.
  5. Roasted pepper pasta with alfredo sauce.
  6. Veggie fried rice.

Dinners: 1. Ramen soup.

  1. Veggie chili.
  2. Black bean quesadillas.
  3. Mashed potatoes with broccoli.
  4. Curry potatoes.
  5. Breakfast burritos.
  6. Tuna casserole.


I also bake every week, so I add the ingredients for those bakes into the grocery lists and expenses each week.

Do you meal plan? What are your go-to meals? Do you have any special methods to meal planning? Let me know in the comments!

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