March Bakes

This has been my favourite month so far. Compared to everything else, it was incredibly easy even with a minor disaster and a fair amount of stress. I was able to write my own recipe and fall in love with it, make a classic, try something that made me nervous and have it turn out well, and have loads of favourite snack.

Cake: Lemon Rosemary Thyme Cupcakes
I chose to do cupcakes because I thought it would be easier to share, which is technically true. But they are so much harder to transport.
I ended up writing this recipe, and oh my gods, is it good! It’s a little complicated compared to other cakes, perhaps, but it isn’t too bad. And the texture is worth the little bit of extra time and effort. It comes out light, moist, fluffy, and wonderfully aromatic.

My struggles came when I was trying to make the icing. I didn’t have enough powdered sugar and tried to grind caster sugar until it was fine enough. But the icing turned out so grainy. On top of that, I thought adding a bit of lemon extract would be a good idea, forgetting that it would cause the butter in the icing to curdle. It was inedible.

The next morning, I ran to the store and bought some olive oil based margarine and powdered sugar and used vanilla extract instead of lemon. It was a little unstable because of the base of the margarine, but tasted wonderful and still worked well.

Cookies: Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
I used this recipe and just loved it! Simple, fun, and delicious, they were a big hit with everyone, especially Turner and his mum, as it’s their favourite cookie.

My only issue was that I don’t have a cookie scoop. So instead, I took a little bit longer to form them, using a couple spoons. It was actually a fun process; it just cut into dinnertime a tad and the smell of baking cookies was making me incredibly hungry.

Pudding: Meringue
I’ve always been nervous at the thought of making meringue of any sort before. Even with a very descriptive recipe like the one I used, there are so many tiny things that could go wrong. But I made it through unscathed!

After the meringue finished baking and cooling, they were a little soft still so I followed the recommendations at the bottom of the recipe. They crisped right up and remained so for several days when stored in an airtight container. They were a bit addicting, tasting like toasted marshmallows.

Bread: Cheezits
This one got a little stressful because I started it so late in the day, but this recipe is so simple and good! I doubled the recipe and used all-purpose and whole wheat flours and less cheese than is called for. One coworker said that they tasted like a mix between Wheat Thins and Cheezits, telling me how much he liked them over and over again. I also really liked the flavour, but I would’ve liked to have a bit more cheese in it. Beyond that though, it went well. The rolling and cutting can take a really long time if you aren’t used to it.

I did have a fair amount of crackers burn because I was doing too much to remove any of them from the trays as they finished. Good thing we like the burnt ones too.

Overall, it was a rather easy and fun month of baking.

Have you ever tried any of these bakes? Let me know how it went!

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