My Favourite Tropes

Everyone has reading and writing weaknesses. Things that make them sigh, swoon, faint. The love of them is so strong that it can’t just be passed by, but every chance to indulge in them is taken with vigour and excitement.

This adoration is most apparent with genres and writing styles. But it’s just as common with tropes, and some people genre jump to get tastes of their favourites. *gasp*

So here are the tropes that catch my breath and make my knees weak.

Best Friends to Relationship
Seeing people care deeply for one another for years suddenly realise that they are passionately in love with each other makes my heart smile. It’s even better when they realise while the other is doing something silly, eating, or just sitting there. Realising they’re in love during such an innocent moment is pure and wonderful. To me, that shows the reality of their love more than anything else might. Though I do love a good “I thought you were dead” realisation as well.

Potential Love Interest to Best Friend
This isn’t done often enough in my opinion. A couple realising that they aren’t right for each other but still wanting to be in each others’ lives and support each other. A person who’s grown attracted to another but accepts their “no” and remains beside them through hard times, good times, and other relationships. Someone who loves another and understands their lives are going in different directions and stays close with them anyway.

Love Triangle to Unexpected Relationship
I love this! Give me the story of two guys falling in love after pursuing the same girl, the two girls falling in love after pursuing the same guy, the people who all fall in love with each other, the ones who realise they’re asexual/aromantic and become best friends, and any other version. If I get any type of this trope from you guys, I will love you forever.

Villain to Hero
I am a firm believer that people can change if they want to. Redemption arcs are perfect for that aspect of my life and beliefs. I don’t like when characters’ bad acts are just written off though; they must feel the weight, guilt, and responsibility of their wrongdoings.

Hero to Villain
Everyone has a dark side. And when the goody-two-shoes characters discover and explore theirs, it changes the way motives and actions are perceived. I enjoy this trope because it makes me think about what morality entails and how having a different perspective can completely change someone’s sense of right and wrong.

Self-Doubt to Self-Empowerment
I love books in which the protagonist finds power/change through the help of others. But I adore when they find power/change in themselves. Seeing people notice what they need/want to change and then actively doing so is incredibly fulfilling.

Friends to Family
This mainly happens four ways, and each one is incredible.
1. Welcoming friends into a family because everyone just cares that much about them.
2. Taking someone in/being taken in after loss of family.
3. Having and loving blood family and friend family.
4. Leaving toxic relationships with family and loved ones behind and building a new family out of the healthy relationships/friendships.
Each of these has so much power and overflows my heart with joy.

What are your favourite tropes? Let me know in the comments!

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I am an eclectic reader and editor who solves Rubik's cubes, writes, draws and paints, and longs to live in England and France.

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