November Bakes

I honestly thought I would get tired of baking after a few weeks of the challenge, yet I still made it 65 weeks long… But! I am still wanting to bake so much! It’s relaxing, creative, tasty, and fun to share. I’ve decided that I’ll start posting links to the recipes I’ve been using (I should’ve been doing that from the start). And I’ll also be posting my own recipes, given that they actually turn out.

Bread: Pumpkin Parmesan Bread Rolls
This was another two-attempt bake. I wrote my own recipe, and while making my first batch, I added the egg and milk into the dough instead of saving it for the egg wash! Then I over-compensated by adding too much flour into the dough, so they ended up dry, dense, and super pale.

The second batch was much better, though the texture could still be improved. I had to add a bit more pumpkin purée to the dough so that it would stick together. I do think I would enjoy it more as a yeasted roll instead of the dense, almost biscuity texture.


Pastry: Mushroom Thyme Pot Pie
I made this recipe as well! Though I did use this recipe for the pastry dough. This one was so good! My only gripe was too much salt… and not having mini pie tins. Instead I used a technique for forming the pies that required much more practice than I allowed myself. They were sloppily made and split a bit while baking.

Cake: Cranberry Caramel Cake
For this one, I adapted this vanilla cake recipe. Enough that I’ll be writing up the recipe as a different one. Haha! It was delicious and probably my favourite cake that I’ve ever made. It was devoured within 24 hours. I do really wish that I had two cake tins of the same size instead of two different sizes. But the cakes really haven’t looked too silly, so I’ll stick with it for now.


Cookies: Gingersnaps
I posted a time-lapse of me baking these.
I used this recipe. I am awful at slicing things that aren’t fruits or vegetables thinly and evenly. Especially frozen cookie dough. So I had to bake these twice. I finished the first bake at night and let them cool overnight, hoping that they would harden a bit more. However, they didn’t. So I baked them again. I accidentally burnt a few in the process, but overall they were wonderfully crisp and a huge hit with everyone at work. I do wish they had more ginger and a bit of a kick to them though. Next time I’ll probably add some cayenne.

What recipe would you like to try?
Let me know in the comments!

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