The Problems with Being Overly Ambitious

Writing a book and some short stories, baking, painting, sketching, reading, blogging, creating videos, making song covers, and writing music.

I want to be creative constantly. I want to be creative in nearly every way possible. Combine that desire with my severe over-planning, and I become horribly overly ambitious.

Over the years, I’ve gone through intense waves of this entire process. Pairing it with my anxiety can cause me to have breakdowns and panic attacks the moment I don’t complete something or compare my work to someone else’s. But it can also spur me to be more productive and creative. Nevertheless, wanting to say yes to everything can have many consequences and problems.

1. Too many desires
There are literally too many creative and academic endeavours to choose from. It’s impossible to say yes to each one. And you might not be able to partake in something you would really enjoy even more because you’ll be too distracted by everything else to even notice it.

2. Too little time
There’s simply not enough time to complete absolutely every project you wish to do in your life, especially when you say yes to all of the things that come your way or catch your eye.

3. Too many things
You put too much on your plate and spread yourself too thin. Your projects start to lose their potential to be great, slowly dropping to mediocre or even bad. This happens most particularly when you continue adding things to your list after you’ve already reached your maximum.

4. Too little memory
You might start confusing your projects. Or maybe you might forget which projects you cared about most or were your ultimate goals. Or perhaps you forget what characters belong in what stories, what scripts go for which videos, or where the yarn for your scarf disappeared to. You may even lose track of the person you wanted to become or of the friends you hold so dear.

5. Too much worry
There are so many deadlines and projects that anxiety and worry can become overwhelming and continuous. Once one step or project ends, another takes its place. Endless work and endless stress. Perhaps you may even feel guilt over not meeting goals or schedules.

6. Too little rest
As you continue doing and creating and dreaming, you use up more and more of your time working on your projects and planning them out. Eventually you stop taking breaks because you feel guilty when you don’t use your time to be productive towards your goals. Other times you lose sleep because of the pressure you’ve put on yourself to do things. Whatever the case, lack of rest builds up, and your body and mind wear down. This effect causes productivity and quality to drop while also rising stress even more. And it can even lead to physical illness.

Despite these things—these problems—being overly ambitious is one of my favourite parts of myself. It shows that I’m passionate about life, reading, writing, learning, cultures, languages, people’s stories, enjoying the things and people around me, creating, and sharing the beauty I find in the world. It gives me ways to express myself and to share my experiences.

Thankfully I’ve been learning more about balance and resting, and my husband is a huge help in keeping me motivated and focused as well as reminding me to stop, rest, and recover.

Are you overly ambitious? What are your main goals currently? Let me know in the comments!

Published by A Boggus Life

I am an eclectic reader and editor who solves Rubik's cubes, writes, draws and paints, and longs to live in England and France.

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