Baking Challenge

Sticky, soft dough.
Pushed and rolled, pushed and rolled.
Savoury, sweet, spicy, smoky.
Flavours, scents fill the home.

I started baking on a regular basis early this year. I mostly did it to decrease spending and plastic use in our home and to try my hand at something relatively new to me—making bread.

However, as our wedding and move drew closer and took place, I lost out on time for baking. Instead, I spent it planning, decorating, home and job searching, and attempting to rest for the few minutes left before work.

Then after our move, I started baking again. Just bread. And three poor attempts at pasties. But it had become a chore, a stress. I wasn’t really able to experiment with flavours, and our oven was wonky. Alright, it was just broken, only heating to 550F properly and then going 600F or above for everything else. So we are awaiting our new oven as I write this blog post. (Hopefully it’s arrived by the time you read it because I’ve some profiteroles to make!) I’m so impatient to give the new oven a go and try new recipes.

As I mentioned in my last post Anxiety and when Life Happens, I am no longer baking out of necessity, so I’ll no longer be baking our weekly bread rations. I am excited to say I will be baking a new recipe every week, cycling through different types of bakes.

I’ve planned it out as a 65-week baking challenge that I’m calling #faithbakes65. I’ll be rotating through breads, pastries, cakes, cookies, and baked puddings. My goal is to bake every Wednesday, but I’m ensuring that there are ways to be flexible with that and take time off or do two bakes in one week, if needed. The point of this challenge is to have fun, explore different cultures, and eat (hopefully) delicious food that I wouldn’t have even heard of if I hadn’t planned all this out.

I chose recipes from several different countries, ranging from melonpan from Japan and baklava from Turkey to tahini cookies from Israel and koeksister from South Africa.

The first recipe I did was naan, which didn’t turn out at all properly. But it was still edible, so that’s a plus. Hopefully by the time this blog post is up, I’ll have made the profiteroles.

Here’re the monthly challenges:

Feel free to join me one week or all weeks! You can do it how you please and even give some of the recipes your own twist. Just use #faithbakes65 so that I can see your bakes as well!!

What do you like to bake? What is your favourite baked good? Let me know in the comments!

Published by A Boggus Life

I am an eclectic reader and editor who solves Rubik's cubes, writes, draws and paints, and longs to live in England and France.

2 thoughts on “Baking Challenge

  1. A baking challenge! What fun! I may join in baking a few this month (naan and carrot cake!) in addition to making some roasted nuts I’ve been planning on for forever.

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