Our Big Move

Welcome back! To me, to you, to the fairies that are helping protect my socks from the sock thief.

My expected hiatus lasted a month longer than I had expected, so apologies for not posting as much as I had been planning. But this little post will update you on all that’s been going on in the “Paygus Household.”

As you all know, Turner and I have gotten married!!! I took June off from writing because of my busy schedule at work, finishing preparations for the wedding, and planning our move to Seattle. My schedule seemed to be overflowing with work, double checking the flower designs for the wedding, communicating with friends and family who were coming to the wedding, job searching, packing, and an “Ozark’s bucket list” that Turner and I had created a couple months before we moved but hadn’t really worked on until the week after the wedding.

However, what I didn’t anticipate was how crazy and stressful life would be once we left for and arrived in Seattle. It’s led to a couple snippy discussions, lots and lots of crying on my part, comforting hugs, and more moments of complete adoration and pride in each other than we had ever expected. From scrambling to finish packing and leaving our jobs to helping host a rather unsuccessful garage sale and attempting to fit the entirety of our belongings into two cars (I am the Master Packer!), our time just before our move was so full of stress that it seemed like we couldn’t handle any more. But of course, life had different plans.

On the first day of our five-day trip, we noticed Turner’s car was having a few issues, though we could tell that they would be okay to just keep an eye on and not worry about too much while driving a bit under the 80 mph speed limit. Then on the second day a different problem started to arise. Turner’s steering started to feel a bit jerky and make a little noise, but it didn’t seem like a huge concern, so we drove just a little bit slower than earlier.

The third day, we left extra early so that we wouldn’t have to freak out about the time if we had to pull over to work on the car. That night was the only night in which we actually had the chance to do something fun. So we went to George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park in Utah and then ate at a slightly nice restaurant.

When the 4th of July came though, we had more serious issues. We got an early start to the day, and we were certainly glad we did. The Subaru started getting way worse. So bad that Turner didn’t want to risk driving it anymore than necessary. We tried going to a few auto shops, but being Independence Day, everything was closed even after finding out that the CV Joint was busted and, if driven too much more, could break the axle. We were out of luck and had to risk over four more hours of driving to our AirBnB so that we had a place to stay and could more easily get it fixed in the morning. It was one of the more stressful drives I’ve ever made, which is saying a lot because I have PTSD from car accidents that I’ve been in and just getting in a car can cause me to panic sometimes. But! We made it safely to the most wonderful AirBnB we’ve seen, called the Elkhorn Room at Willow Creek Horse Bnb (Thank you Lynette!). She allowed us to stay at her house until a little after noon the next day after we had Turner’s car towed so that it could be fixed.

Then after arriving several hours later than we had anticipated, we finally made it to our new home in Seattle. And we hated it. At least for that first night. We had had such an awful time with the car and the trip that we just wanted to have a evening and a day to relax. But instead, we didn’t finished bringing our stuff into our apartment at 11:00 that night, had to spend the entire next day unpacking and trying to figure out how to update our licenses, and paying out the wazoo for parking over the next two weeks. We ended up selling the Subaru to save on fees, parking, and registration. (If you’re moving to Seattle and plan to actually live in the city, make sure you only have one car or try to get down to not having one at all, or save up a lot of money so that you can afford a monthly garage pass. Because it is difficult to update everything quickly enough to get a parking permit and not pay hundreds of dollars in just a week and it just makes life easier overall to walk everywhere.)

Once we finally figured out our voter registration, driver licenses, vehicle registration, taxes, and parking permit, we had to jump right in to work. Turner went back to working at a museum, and I went back to a tea shop. Since our move, Turner has gotten a full-time contract job at a school photography company on top of his part-time position at the museum, and I have quit my job at the tea shop because of how awful I found the management to be. I’m continuing the job search and am also working on setting up my tutoring profile a bit more and a few freelancing opportunities via Fiverr in hopes that I can continue working with some of the stuff that I love most. French, art, literature, writing, and editing.

We finally love our home, with the exception of just how tiny our kitchen is. Our building used to be a hotel here on the outskirts of downtown, and our kitchen was renovated from a coat closet. We have fridge that barely fits enough food for one week; a large display of mugs in our living room; no furniture aside from our bed, a chest, and a table; art hung, tacked, and taped up everywhere; and purple faerie lights for ambience. Despite the fact that it still needs a little bit of love, my need for work, and Turner’s need for a break, we have made this place our home, and we’re incredibly excited to see what the next year brings. Struggles, joys, and all.

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I am an eclectic reader and editor who solves Rubik's cubes, writes, draws and paints, and longs to live in England and France.

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