Five Places I Want to Visit

I’m definitely a contradiction.

One of the most baffling types.

I itch for two conflicting things constantly, and I can never tell which I want more.
I am a homebody, but I’m also a traveler.

There are so many things that I adore about both.
Like the soft, yet cutting feeling of blades of grass underneath my bare feet.
Or the cozy, heavy warmth of sinking under a flood of duvets and blankets in a chair with a book and a cup of tea.
Or the lurch in my stomach as I lift into the clouds on fragile metal wings.
And the ease of floating into mindless Netflix watching while leaning into the arms of my fiancé.

These are contradictory desires when both are wanted constantly, but no matter. I can live with both. And one of the ways I do that is by dreaming of the places I’d like to go next.

The Smithsonian Institute

Boasted as the largest museum and learning institute in the world, the Smithsonian is home to the National Zoo and NINETEEN museums. If I ever went, it would probably need to be a two- or three-week long trip, as I am one of the slowest people in the world when it comes to going through museums because I want to see and read every last thing. And the Smithsonian has such a wide variety of archives, that I wouldn’t dare pass anything up. From presidential memorabilia to props and costumes from some of the most well-known movies and shows in entertainment to historical artifacts and fossils and pieces of art, it would never do to only poke my head in to peak at a couple items. I must dive in fully to experience the wonders that this enormous and amazing place holds.

Georgia Aquarium (This has now actually been checked off my list as visited.)

My fiancé and I recently discovered just how much we love aquariums, especially those that are seeking to not just provide entertainment but also take great effort to contribute to conservation and rehabilitation efforts. And recently Wonders of Wildlife, a brand new aquarium that is in the largest twenty in the world, is just be a few minutes walk from my very own front door. I couldn’t be more excited to go back time and time again with my annual pass. But I was definitely more thrilled to fulfill my dream of visiting Georgia Aquarium, the world’s fourth largest and the States’ largest aquarium, with over 10 million gallons of tank water.

Even before going, we were excited to see the wide variety of animals, but we weren’t expecting to be able to see whale sharks, manta rays, beluga whales, or devil rays.

Tarkine Forest Reserve

Potentially the oldest forest in the world, Tarkine Forest is located in Tasmania, Australia, and looks like the type of woodland that would be found in high fantasy novel, like Lord of the Rings. The trees are giant and old and covered in moss. And hidden among them are hundreds of species of wildlife (and probably many varieties of deadly animals…I mean, hello, it’s Australia). Who knows, maybe I’ll see a platypus! The Tarkine is also home to sand dunes and coastal heathland, and those look amazing as well.


Okay. I can barely start on why I’d like to visit Iceland. Essentially, it’s the crazy scenery, the weather, the glaciers, the aurora borealis, the volcanos, the lagoons. A lot of the views look like things out of sci-fi and fantasy books, and even though I know they exist, it blows my mind every time I think about it. I know so many people who’ve gone, and the photos and stories they come back with make my heart and mind race with longing and excitement.

The British Library

This is potentially the largest library in the world, housing well beyond 150 million items and continues to grow by around 3 million items every year. How could such a bookworm as myself not want to visit the world’s largest document delivery servicer in the world and the HOME OF LEONARDO DA VINCI’S NOTEBOOK?! Seriously guys, I’m tempted to hop on a plane right now and fly over just to see that.

What are some places you’d like to visit?

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I am an eclectic reader and editor who solves Rubik's cubes, writes, draws and paints, and longs to live in England and France.

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