Book Review: Article Three

Synopsis: the System controls everything, minus one group of rebels, some of whom have special abilities. When one of the rebels is taken, her brother, Levi, goes to the group’s leaders and then embarks on a journey with Ava and Leymah to rescue her. As they go, they realise there are fewer people whom they can trust than they originally thought. Who will they trust? Will they succeed? Read it and find out.

This opener to the System trilogy by Anna Jakobsson Lund, definitely held my attention, and I enjoyed learning more and more about the characters and the setting as the story went on. Although I wasn’t really sucked into the book until the last 75 pages or so, I enjoyed the ending a large amount and definitely want to continue reading the series. I’m just so curious as to how everything plays out.

In a story filled with fear of betrayal, Lund explores the interactions of friends, strangers, and supposed allies when trust is put to the test. Levi, Ava, and Leymah’s interactions continually change through the book as they discover different things about each other and about the other people that they have interacted with along their journey to free Levi’s sister from the System. I really enjoyed that Lund captured the break of trust and the difficulty of overcoming barriers so well in this book, and I want to see how this theme is carried over into the sequels.

The interconnectedness of the three main characters’ backstories, and those of the background characters as well, intrigues me, and I have a feeling much more about Levi, Ava, and Leymah’s pasts is related than what is revealed in this first book. But I’m even more intrigued by how this will play into their futures.

If you like dystopian YA books, I definitely recommend this. I gave it 3/5 stars, as I found the beginning of it rather confusing at times and there were moments in which I wish she would have revealed more about the characters. However, I rather how those details were revealed in the end. As the book wrapped up, I certainly gained more interest in the characters and the story, and I most definitely plan on reading the other two books in the System trilogy.

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One thought on “Book Review: Article Three

  1. I am glad you were able to really get into the story as it progressed and that you are looking forward to reading more in the series. Me too! We just have to wait until they get translated now 🙂

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