Zoe: Five Blessings in My Life

It’s day one of blogging prompts, and I’ve not posted in quite some time, so it’s a tad strange to be back. But I recently received a text fervently and ardently begging me to start my blog again (Here’s looking at you, Natalie).

My school
I may complain about my classes a fairly large amount, but going to uni has been helping me improve my writing more than I could have ever imagined. The coursework may be a bit draining, but I definitely still enjoy it. And I can easily work it in around my hours at the office. Plus, sometimes the assignments and revisions help me think of new ideas for my projects at work!

Could I ever be thankful enough for Andrew? He’s already moved one of his favourite mugs into my cabinets and made himself a copy of my key. But on a serious note, the entire incident on the train could have come out very differently if he hadn’t come in like a white knight. Plus, I absolutely adore his grandmum! (Can anyone say connections??)

My mum
My mum has done everything for me. My dad has too, but my mum never fails to exceed even my utterly unrealistic expectations. Last week, I was sat at her kitchen table complaining about “running out of tea” since moving out, and even with the knowledge that I was completely exaggerating, she showed up with a giant bag from Tesco with about five different kinds of tea. Now my tea and mug cabinet is literally overflowing! Speaking of which…

Where would I be without my tea! Every cuppa brings a warmth to my soul that could never come in any other way. The mugs, the heat, the flavour, the comfort…there’s nothing like it. I’ve still got a wonderful mug of earl grey in front of me, but I’ve already set the kettle to boiling again.

You already know this about me, obviously, but writing isn’t just a blessing in my life, it IS my life. Without writing I’d only have five good things in my life: my mum, my dad, my grandmum, my books, and my tea. If it weren’t for writing, I wouldn’t be at uni, I wouldn’t have my job, I wouldn’t have met Andrew (let alone any of my other friends), I wouldn’t know how to express myself, I wouldn’t be able to change the world, and I wouldn’t have enough money to buy more books…and we all know how dismal of a life that would be.

What are five things you’re blessed to have?

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I am an eclectic reader and editor who solves Rubik's cubes, writes, draws and paints, and longs to live in England and France.

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