When the Film Rolls

A mixture of voices fills the air. A few wavering, a few strong, a few quiet, a few loud, a few near perfect, a few severely out of key. But this is our life: meeting up for movies once a week, over half of them being musicals, and recovering from a week of seemingly inordinate amounts of homework and, yes, sometimes drama. Tangled, Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, Les Misérables, and White Christmas have passed through our eyes, ears, and mouths multiple times. Many of us used to be wary of singing in front of people, even our friends, but we’ve changed. Singing has become a way of communicating our emotions without having to say a single word of our own, as well as a way of releasing our emotions into the void.

We’re a fairly eclectic gathering in whatever setting you find us. But when we meet for movies, you can see just how sane and insane we can be simultaneously. While we wait the annoyingly expected half hour for everyone to arrive (after the decided arrival and starting time), you’ll hear the most bizarre string of puns possible from Zach (which will be brought up again during the movie somehow), a strange collection of songs or strumming on a ukulele from me, songs from Frozen or Phantom of the Opera from Azelyn, unexplained laughter from Jess, funny stories that are so stupid they become hilarious from Wesley, and simple silence from Kelsey.

Even though we are so scattered and different,  our similar attitude toward life and partiality toward nerdy things bring us together into a world of slightly controllable chaos. Our inhibitions are stripped away as we enter one another’s presence, and we begin to be our semi-sadistic, intellectual, bizarre, obsessive selves. And no, we are not obsessive over each other. . .at least not always. These strange similarities help us to use our glaring differences to get to know each other more, often times through sarcasm, teasing, and aiding one another as well as obsessing over the same shows, movies, books, information, and music. But joining to watch the movies and sing along to the musicals brings out our attention to detail and our willingness to sound like idiots.

Usually we allow ourselves to make mistakes and try to be clever, but during movie nights, we allow our minds to roam free and our mouths to say whatever comes to mind, even when it makes absolutely no sense. Without these nights, I don’t know how I would have gotten through the last three semesters. They are my one night to allow myself to say and do anything that comes to mind, even if I am fully aware of how stupid it is. So I will continue for the rest of the semester. I will make a fool of myself and completely enjoy doing so for the sake of my sanity and the entertainment of my friends. I will revel in the bizarre conversations and the awful orchestra of voices while I have the chance. Because soon, I won’t have these people at my side. Soon, I will be in another country and even a Skype call will be difficult. But I will not let that stop me from being in their lives. I will continue. . .and I will probably drive them insane. And they’ll love me for it.


A New Journey

Early this semester, I was asked to return to France with the Jacques Lefevre Institute as an intern. I’m glad to say I decided to apply and was accepted for a three month trip. I wrote this poem the day I was asked to return:

Longing for Tomorrow (or Sword Beach)

Whoosh! Wave. Whoosh! Wave.
The delicate hum of misplaced air
Mingles with the constant rustle
Of the shining green blades.

This. That! This. That!
Silver speech and pointed hearing
Interrupt the gentle melody
With beautiful clashes of excitement.

Water. flowing Water. flowing
The sweet scent fills the air
As imagined bread bakes
Near the beach so far away.

Pit. Pat. Pit. Pat.
Feet move in the style of the blades
While aching for the foam soaked grains
Piled high with shells of yesterday.

This is an amazing opportunity for me to continue learning French as well as gain work experience in both language as well as art and writing. I will be helping create the language learning content that the Institute is putting together for French learners. However, because I will be working with a non-profit, I need to raise the funds to go for these three months. Please consider looking at more specific information and donating at http://www.gofundme.com/h0cqb0. Also, please consider sharing the link with the people you know.

Thank you. I hope you enjoyed the poem!