A Not-How-I-Want-It-to-End Situation

As I'm facing a potentially not-how-I-want-it-to-end situation, I'm trying to both face reality as well as continue pursuing my dreams. The process of sorting out my finances for this semester has been even more difficult than usual as I am to partake in my fifth year of university (for just one semester). Because of this, … Continue reading A Not-How-I-Want-It-to-End Situation


Serial: Part 2

Jack won't stop staring in the direction of the sound until I start dragging him away from the area. I don't know who is lurking in the forest, who isn't even concerned about the sharks, or who would want to actually cause us harm, especially the agonising torture of being slowly devoured, but I don't … Continue reading Serial: Part 2

An Interesting Man

With his teeth fully visible and head slowly tilting forward, Erik's dark, fluffy hair goes from looking slightly controlled and pushed back to being poofy beyond expectation and bobs in front of his forehead as his body shakes from laughter. His laughter seems to be a sort of hyperventilation, the regular ha's mingled with gasping. … Continue reading An Interesting Man

Boone County Library

The slightly distant beeping and clunking of musty, bound pages and their covers being checked in and out at the "L" shaped counter is just as loud as the quiet turning of thin leaflets of dead trees worked into pieces of art. The exhilarating thrill and calming peace that accompanies these sounds is only intensified … Continue reading Boone County Library

Confession 2: Three Songs

Choosing just three songs to deem the most important in my life is a near impossible task. There are loads of songs out there which I love and which hold a lot of meaning to me, but the longer I think about it, the fewer songs actually seem important. After dwelling on this for a … Continue reading Confession 2: Three Songs

St. James

The busy streets bustle as the fog begins to lessen ever so slightly from the sprinkle that is coming down from the unseen clouds far above. Black umbrellas open, scattered and worn, among the masses. The bright red of the public transport seems blinding in the dim light of the evening. As I walk down … Continue reading St. James