This week, I've spent a large amount of my time painting. I haven't done this for a year... It's been a bit frustrating because there are several things which would have taken me a lot less time to do in the past. Not painting for a full year has been difficult on occasion, but overall, … Continue reading Wasting


Fictional Inspiration

There are so many books, movies, and shows which make me wish I lived a life full of crazy adventures and was so unbelievably talented/skilled/learned in an area that I could work for these cool organisations. These shows make me want to spend my life learning and theorising about things which aren't in my field … Continue reading Fictional Inspiration

One Year’s Time

One year ago today, I was in France experiencing D-Day like I never have before, nor ever will again. I saw some of the most breathtakingly beautiful views, which were also some of the most heart-wrenching. To think of tens of thousands of men losing their lives on the same beaches and cliffs that I … Continue reading One Year’s Time